Nina Stevenson, Education for Sustainability Leader at CSF | 04.12.2021

What will we do for nature?

We brought together a group of enquiring minds at the Fashion Values Roundtable in early 2021, to explore current challenges that, if answered, would create the biggest benefit to Nature when implemented through fashion. One of the questions that emerged from the conversation was, how can the next generation lead change? 

To build new knowledge, practice and ideas in reimagining fashion’s practices, Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) have created a new 4-week online course – Fashion Values: Nature. The course will connect you to a global network of curious-minded and values-driven fashion students, educators, practitioners and professionals. It’s a free, self-paced online course, rich with expert opinion, case studies and real-life references, alongside radical viewpoints and creative design thinking activities to expand both your knowledge and practice.  

Fashion Values marks an essential shift in how we perceive and practice fashion. A nature-centred approach must be at the core of fashion education, to ensure fashion design, business and media are contributing to the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems and species.  

After too long prioritising profit at the expense of our planet, it is time for us to ask the question, what will we do for nature? 

Fashion Values: Nature is the first of four brand new courses to be launched through 2021 and has been conceived and developed by CSF’s education team – Prof. Dilys Williams, Nina Stevenson, Lou Budd, Liz Parker and Kae Katz. Contributing experts include Prof. Kate Fletcher, Prof. Lynda Grose, Deepa Patel, Eduardo Escobedo, Dr. Helen Crowley, Dr. Katrina Ole-MoiYoi and Dr. Francesco Mazzarella. 

Watch the course trailer on Youtube.

The course gives you the opportunity to reflect on the key challenges facing fashion, and to relate to the nature around you. It will also prepare you for the upcoming Fashion Values Challenge – where you will be able to actively apply the knowledge and practice for a live brief 

By the end of the course, you will be able to... 

  • Reflect on fashion’s relationship with nature and how this relates to fashion sustainability. 

  • Understand nature's systems that support life (biosphere) and explore fashion practices that could operate within the limits of nature's systems.  

  • Understand biodiversity in the context of fashion. 

  • Critically examine fashion practices that can protect, restore and regenerate nature's systems, and transform fashion's relationship with nature. 

  • Develop and evaluate a fashion practice that can regenerate nature. 

Key takeaways